Naturalmente accessibile

A network of different entities to improve accessibility and fruition of parks and urban green areas in Rome. Click here

Primavera 83

Cooperative focused on the restoration of public green areas to create urban gardens through the engagement, empowerment, and employment of adults affected by drug addiction, or with previous difficulties. Click here

Parchi per tutti (parks for all)

Initiative born from a group of moms and progressively institutionalised focused on accessibility of green areas, parks, shared green spaces, etc. It gathers different materials, laws, initiatives, methodologies. Click here


Interactive community learning app on environmental observations. Click here


App on 600 interactive guides to plants, animals and fungi. Click here


App to recognise environmental species Click here

Urbact participatory

Online learning platform on participatory techniques for urban green areas Click here


Online training platform for the acquisition of a VET title of urban garden manager/facilitator/developer. It is at the moment available in 4 languages (EN, IT, DE, EL). Click here


Platform for civic activism on removing barriers, regeneration of green shared areas. It enables organisations to launch own activities in terms of green areas. Click here

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