01. Legislation

Plan and Strategy on the “Development of a green point network”

The development of a green space network is an integral part of the strategy for Integrated Solid Waste Management. The project will cover the entire Republic of Cyprus and will serve all municipalities and communities. At these points will be collected such as wood, DIY waste, carpets, furniture, paper/ cardboard, glass, plastic, metals, electrical appliances, …

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The Act of Nature Protection and Management and the Wildlife Act 2003.

The protection of biological diversity through the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora in the Republic; Ensuring the conservation or restoration of a favorable conservation status of natural habitats of Community interest and species of Community interest; Click here

The Law on the Environmental Impact Assessment of Certain Plans and / or Programs of 2005

The purpose of this Act is to achieve a high level of environmental protection and to integrate environmental issues into the preparation and adoption of plans and / or programmes to promote sustainable development, ensuring an environmental impact assessment for certain projects and / or programmeslikely to have significant effects on the environment. Click here

Forestry Act of 2012

The conservation, protection, sustainable management and development of forests and wooded areas in the Republic of Cyprus. Click here

Public relations in the field of environmental protection

This Law regulates public relations in the field of environmental protection, establishes the principal rights and duties of legal and natural persons in preserving the biodiversity, ecological systems and landscape characteristic of the Republic of Lithuania, ensuring a healthy and clean environment, rational utilisation of natural resources in the Republic of Lithuania, the territorial waters, …

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