02. Protection

The Act of Nature Protection and Management and the Wildlife Act 2003.

The protection of biological diversity through the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora in the Republic; Ensuring the conservation or restoration of a favorable conservation status of natural habitats of Community interest and species of Community interest; Click here

The Waste Law of 2011

This Law establishes measures for the protection of the environment and human health, preventing or reducing the negative effects of waste generation and management and limiting the overall impact of resource use and improving its efficiency. Click here

Waste Prevention Programme 2015/2021

The aim of the program is to decouple economic growth from environmental impacts associated with the generation of waste. The main focus is consumer behaviour change, promotion of reuse and the reduction of the generation of specific waste streams. Click here

Law 221/2015 – Circular economy Law

A law focused on green enhancement, implementation of actions of the green economy, favouring the reduction in use of natural resources. In particular, it foresees the possibility for parks to produce bio-compostable waste that can make the same parks/shared green areas production units. Click here

Law 141/2019 – Climate Law

It focuses on climate change mitigation, incentives for the municipalities for plastics reduction, school transport & green support, green corners at the supermarkets, urban green expansion, soil preservation, prevention of soil dumping and funds for green communication campaigns. Click here

LD 42/2004 – Regulation on urban and landscape management

It envisions a broader definition of landscape as a result of the interaction between nature and human activities. It puts the basis for the protection of cultural and for the urban planning around the protection of natural areas and cultural sites. Click here

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