Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature: “Green Corners”

The Program started by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature in 1999 and is aimed at schools of all education levels. Students chose some small green corner of their urban area and their environmental awareness and study its fauna and flora of the urban environment. In so doing they become more aware of natural values.

The program is aimed at young people (aged 6 to 16) as well as at organizations and groups who want to help protect the green refuges in their neighborhoods.

The goal of the program is to promote the study of the flora, fauna and geology of a neighborhood and to discover the relationship between these factors and their general role in the eco-system.  Using educational materials available, and employing the suggested activities of the program, the study groups inquire and learn about their “green” neighborhoods and the ways to protect them. As well they try to develop cooperation with the green services of the Municipality and with other environmental groups such as the Forestry Service.

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