Plan del Verde y de la Biodiversidad de Barcelona

The Plan del Verde y de la Biodiversidad de Barcelona, carried out by the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, is a strategic instrument that concretizes the municipal commitment to the conservation of green and biodiversity, and promotes the population’s knowledge, enjoyment and care of the natural heritage.

In other words, the aim is to achieve an ecological infrastructure that offers a maximum of services to a city where nature and the city interact and enhance each other.


  • Conserve and improve the natural heritage of the city, and prevent the loss of species and habitats.
  • Achieve the maximum endowment of green surface and its connectivity.
  • To obtain the maximum environmental and social services from greenery and biodiversity.
  • Advance the value that society places on greenery and biodiversity.
  • Increase the city’s resilience to emerging challenges, such as climate change.
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